Investment Information 

It is an acknowledged fact that franchising is the “wave of the future’.  Based on this belief, one of our primary objectives is to form a partnership with highly motivated and ambitious  entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming franchisees of Ciao Baby Cucina.  We would like to impress on you that we look upon our franchisees and their employees as playing an integral role in contributing to the future success of our family of restaurants.

When you become a franchisee, your commitment is both financial and personal.  In return, our promise to you is two fold.  Firstly, we aim to consistently protect your commitments through the progressive maintenance of our established prestigious image.  Secondly, through the development of a total franchise system which incorporates the best site selection, overall staff training, and the  most effective accounting system, we promise to provide you with the most professional on going business support.  We know we are more than capable of meeting this challenge because we will continue to offer excellent food, dynamic service within a relaxed atmosphere, and at fair prices.  Make the most progressive move of your life.

Step into the 21st century today and join a partnership which offers you exciting opportunities to excel on a creative, personal and financial level.

The Chol Franchising Management team is comprised of goal orientated individuals who are constantly striving towards achievement.  With a wealth of practical experience on their side, each member of our management team is an expert in their field and, have earned their well deserved reputation as successful pioneers in restaurant operations.  

Within our company, our management team and our employees are completely committed to satisfy all the requirements of our franchisees.  This is achieved through the provision of an established support system which; selects the best site possible for your restaurant, offers your staff the latest training and development programmes and, implements effective accounting systems so as to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  Beneficial to all of us, our restaurants are dedicated to satisfying all the needs of our existing and potential customers.  Our flexible menus appeal to all eating preferences, our relaxed and friendly ambience attracts customers from near and far, our beautifully designed interiors invite a wide range of customers and, our prices are recognised as real value for money.

Based on our knowledge that Chol Franchising family of restaurants offer superior quality service and efficiency, we encourage you to investigate this opportunity to its fullest potential.  It’s now up to you to take the next step and transform your present opportunities into dynamic investments.



Selectively in awarding franchises is very important at Chol Franchising. Every applicant must be sure of his / her decision and Chol Franchising must be certain that each applicant has the qualifications and attitude which will make his association with the company not only pleasant by profitable.

Owning and operating a successful Ciao Baby Cucina restaurant is not an easy job.  It requires hard work and perseverance.  However, such work is rewarding work. There is the satisfaction of working for yourself, being “your own boss”, and prospering in proportion to your efforts.

All franchisees enjoy the status of being independent businessmen in their communities.  Many franchisees are active in civic affairs, youth programmes and charity drives.  We heartily encourage such local involvement and consider it valuable to the owner as well as his / her business.

Aside from the financial rewards, franchisees can take pride in being members of an organisation that works with them and, for them in achieving success.The  restaurant franchisees must be completely satisfied that Chol Franchising is the kind of business opportunity they want to invest their time and money in.  Just as important, Chol Franchising must be equally satisfied that an applicant is the kind of person we want for one of South Africa’s most valuable and ought after franchises.

Chol Franchising requires that each Franchisee group include an operating partner who has not less than 10% ownership interest in each franchised Chol Franchising operated by the group.  The operating partner must have the financial capability necessary to acquire the minimum interest at the onset of the venture.  In addition, the operating partner must be totally involved in the day to day operations of the  franchised restaurant with no other business (except other Chol Franchising restaurants operated under franchises granted by Chol Franchising).

In order for Chol Franchising to commence processing your application for franchise approval, you must complete the online form below and submit it to Chol Franchising and we will be in contact with you.

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